Skype Tracker

Catch Spy lets you view all the Skype chat conversations that take place through the target phone.You can easily monitor all skype activities of your child directly from your dashboard.You are just a click away to monitor your child and make him/her safe.

Do you know what your child do on skype? With Catch Spy you can view names of everyone with whom your child chat, so their chats will never be a worry for you. You can also monitor their Skype chats to find out who they’re online with. This feature lets you focus on any unusual contacts and gives you flexible way to stop embarrassing situations before they occur.

Catch Spy gives you facility to:

View all Skype chat conversations.

Find out names of people they have been chatting with.

Get time and date stamps to know when each chat took place.

All chats and media will directly upload to your Catch Spy dashboard.

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Does Catch Spy record skype call?

No,Catch Spy does not record skype call But Incoming and Outgoing messages will be available without root the phone.

Can Skype Messages Be Monitored?

Yes, you can monitor Skype messages using a monitoring app like Catch Spy. The app accesses all Skype messages sent or received (on the monitored device) and automatically uploads them to your web account from where you can view or download them anytime.

Can I Record Skype Calls And Listen To Them Using Catch Spy?

Catch Spy doesn’t offer Skype call recording feature. However, you can track Skype call logs along with time and date stamps.

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